Paige is from Val Marie and grew up on a family-run cattle ranch in the saddle of a horse. Her and her siblings were always found running around outside, practicing roping, and getting into mischief.┬áBoth agriculture and sports have been a large part of her life. When Paige wasn’t outside caring for animals, she was Read more about Paige[…]

Gunn IMS Treatment

Pain associated with injuries is usually quite predictable and is easily explained scientifically. At the time of injury, there is a message carried in our pain nerves to our brain indicating tissue damage – this pain is called nociception. Shortly afterwards, inflammation develops which causes swelling, warmth, and pain. Following that, is the healing phase Read more about Gunn IMS Treatment[…]


We’re excited to officially introduce Greg and welcome him to the STRIDE team! Greg is currently a CrossFit trainer apprentice with us and is set to be a full- fledged trainer after he completes his course work and exams next month. He brings with him years of lifting and CrossFit experience…but it wasn’t always the Read more about Greg[…]