Quinoa Salad

Have you ever looked at quinoa and said to your self “How do I use that?” or wondered what is so good about this ‘ancient grain?’ Well, look no further! Here is your brief guide to quinoa (‘keen-wa’), including an easy recipe for you to try. Quinoa has been grown in South America for thousands Read more about Quinoa Salad[…]

17 Random Thoughts for 2017

17 Random Thoughts for 2017 Try not to have goals or resolutions, have a plan instead. Your first workout is just your next workout and your first healthy meal is just your next meal. Don’t worry about 2 months down the line, just what is in front of you. For whatever endeavour you pursue, strength Read more about 17 Random Thoughts for 2017[…]

“Itis,” “Osis,” “Opathy”…what do I have?

Tendonitis vs. Tendinosis vs. Tendinopathy: What do I have? Tendon pathologies are a very common occurrence in the every day population. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the proper term to use as the diagnosis. The most common term is tendonitis; however, tendinosis and/or tendinopathy are also used. Let’s first start off by defining Read more about “Itis,” “Osis,” “Opathy”…what do I have?[…]