March 28, 2017

Big Movements

What is the Big Movements Program at STRIDE?

A Physical Therapy program for people with Parkinson’s Disease consisting of:

  • a private initial assessment with a STRIDE physical therapist to determine your starting baseline values
  • a one-hour, weekly, group exercise session for 6 weeks lead by a STRIDE physical therapist and exercise therapist
  • exercise sessions focus on completing multiple repetitions of increasingly complex whole-body movements using big amplitudes. In other words: “Big Movements” that are functional to your life. For example: walking, sit to stand, rolling, and reaching.
  • a private follow-up appointment with a STRIDE physical therapist to determine your progress made with the program

What are the benefits to the Big Movements program?

Participating in this sort of program has been shown to help improve:

  • freezing
  • shuffling gait
  • functional movements: walking, sit-to-stand, rolling, reaching
  • fine motor skills: using zippers, fastening buttons
  • social interaction
  • confidence

When is this happening?

Our next Big Movements Program will be in the spring of 2018.

Call 306.778.7770 to get your name on the list!

Where do the appointments and exercise sessions take place?

STRIDE Physio & Performance

220 1st Ave NW, Swift Current, SK (right across from the downtown Tim Hortons)

How much does this program cost? Is this fee eligible for re-imbursement?

$295 and yes, because it is a physical therapy service, you may be eligible for re-imbursement with your insurance provider. Check your policy to see if you have physical therapy coverage!

For more information and to register, please call 306.778.7770.

We look forward to helping you hit your STRIDE!