April 20, 2017

Boomer Bootcamp

Newly retired? Looking to get fit and stay healthy with the help of a trained professional? Join us for Boomer Bootcamp: a group exercise class that fits your unique needs and interests!

Upcoming Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays

Jan 15 – Feb 26 from 11am – 12noon

Feb 28 – April 11 from 11am – 12noon

April 16 – May 28 from 11am – 12noon


$120 + GST gets you all 12 sessions

Drop in Fee: $15 per session

10 session Punch Card: $120 + GST

What to Expect:

A fun, time-efficient, and challenging workout led by a trained STRIDE exercise therapist. Classes consist of moderately intense, constantly-varied, functional movements to get you into shape while still taking into account the unique physical needs and capabilities of the Baby Boomer generation. All workouts will be scaled to each participant’s abilities.

Benefits of Boomer Bootcamp:

  • improves cardiovascular endurance
  • improves mobility
  • improves functional strength
  • provides a full-body workout each time
  • group environment provides motivation and camaraderie
  • you can have full confidence that you are exercising safely and appropriately with guided instruction from a qualified trainer

*All fitness levels and experiences are welcome.

To register:

Stop by in-person: 220 1st Ave NW

Phone: 306.778.7770

Email: info@hityourstride.ca

Our business hours are: M/T/Th/F 9am – 5pm and Wed 12noon – 8pm

We look forward to helping you hit your STRIDE!