September 4, 2016

Gunn IMS

“Even miracles take a little time.” – The Fairy Godmother

Gunn IMS is a therapy technique that involves “dry needling” directly into short/tight muscles or near sensitized nerves. It encourages the muscles to loosen, the nerves to settle, and the healing to begin!

STRIDE team member, Rae, has completed her training through the University of British Columbia and is a certified Gunn IMS practitioner.

IMS (intramuscular stimulation/dry needling) is particularly helpful with neuropathic pain and myofascial pain syndromes. These are types of chronic pain that persist beyond the initial phase of injury. Neuropathic pain is characterized by the nervous system becoming sensitized, muscles shortening, and pain continuing beyond expected timelines.

The treatment utilizes acupuncture needles which are very thin to target the muscles that have developed taut, tender muscle bands. Nothing is injected.
A thorough assessment is required by your practitioner to determine the “driving force” of the pain. It is not enough to just “dry needle” tight muscles. It is a cornerstone to Gunn IMS to determine and treat the source of the supersensitive nerves.


You may benefit from IMS if you notice:

  •     severe pain in response to mild stimuli
  •     pain and tenderness to finger pressure (may be at one or multiple sites)
  •     pain that gets much worse with activity
  •     pain that began or substantially worsened many days/weeks after the initial injury
  •     unpleasant sensations – deep aching pain, burning or searing pain, or radiating pain


Gunn IMS is not recommended if you are pregnant, have an active infection, or are a haemophiliac. If you are currently taking blood thinners, please discuss this with your therapist.

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