Overnight Oats

I love breakfast and I’m a firm believer that it is the most important meal of my day! But sometimes I’m rushing out the door for work and don’t have time to make something in the morning. On days like this, my stomach is grumbling for food before I even get out of my car, so I started looking for breakfast options that can be made in a snap or even the night before. That’s when I stumbled across the fantastic idea of overnight oats! This recipe is high in fibre, protein, and wholesome energy nutrients to start your day off right. Conveniently, it is also very versatile as you can make it into anything you want! The options are endless. I have seen various versions including carrot cake, walnuts and brown sugar, banana and peanut butter, almond milk with flaked coconut, strawberry cheesecake, banana chocolate chip, and raisins with flax meal. Use the base of oats, milk, and yogurt and any other ingredients you love to create your own combination.

So, if you find eating breakfast difficult with a busy life or that you run out of time in the morning, give this recipe a try! There is no cooking required as you simply combine ingredients and leave in the fridge overnight. The oats soak up the moisture and the flavours combine to provide you with an easy, delicious, no fuss meal. Grab it on the way out the door and you have a nutritious and wholesome breakfast to start your day off with a bang!

Blackberry and Vanilla Overnight Oats:

(Makes 1 Serving)

½ cup Rolled Oats

2/3 cup 1% Milk

¼ cup Vanilla 2% Greek Yogurt

Pinch of Salt

1 tbsp Chia Seeds

1 tsp. Cinnamon

¼ cup fresh Blackberries

Combine ingredients in a small jar or glass bowl. Shake or mix. Cover and place in the fridge overnight or for at least four hours. Grab and go in the morning!

Energy: 435 kcal  Carb: 63 g  Fibre: 12 g  Fat: 11 g  Pro: 24 g


  • I use vanilla Greek yogurt for added protein and a bit of sweetness, but you can use low fat regular yogurt if you prefer!
  • Swap out the milk for almond, rice, soy or your favourite dairy version.
  • Use a plain, unflavoured yogurt for less carbs and add a sweetener such as stevia if needed.
  • Add flax meal for even more of a fibre kick!
  • Find this to be too much? Cut the recipe in half!