September 21, 2016

Registered Dietitian Services

What is a registered dietitian?

Registered dietitians are experts in food and nutrition that hold a university degree and have successfully completed a 35 week practicum in a healthcare/foodservice facility under a supervising registered dietitian. The academic curriculum includes scientific based knowledge and hands-on training in food systems, disease management, population health, communications, professional practice, and counselling.

The title Registered Dietitian, like physical therapist or physician, is a protected term meaning that not just anyone can use it. Dietitians are required to fulfill and maintain provincial registration requirements, including passing a regulatory exam and undertaking ongoing professional development throughout their careers.

What does a registered dietitian do?

Registered dietitians take their knowledge and understanding of complex scientific evidence surrounding food and nutrition and put it into practical solutions that promote and maximize the health of their clients. They can help manage special health conditions (ie: diabetes, heart disease, obesity) and/or manage the nutritional needs of special interest populations (ie: athletes).

In short, registered dietitians provide reliable nutrition advice and create individualized nutrition care plans/programs to meet the unique needs of their clients based on the most current research recommendations.

Registered Dietitian Services at STRIDE

  • Initial Consultation (one hour) $85

During this hour, Paige will spend some time getting to know you. She will review your relevant medical history, ask about your typical eating and exercise habits, conduct an initial assessment, and help you set and prioritize your nutrition goals.

  • Follow up appointment (30 min) $50

The number of follow up appointments and their frequency will depend on what is appropriate for you as all dietitian services are tailored to you specifically, and your unique needs. These sessions will most likely focus on maintenance, change your program as necessary, keep you accountable, and monitor your progress.

Cost Saving Packages, Limited Offers, and Special Programming

“The Starter”  $155

This package consists of a 1-hour initial consultation where your nutrition will be assessed and an individualized action plan unique to your needs will be set up. It also includes 2 – 30 minute follow up sessions to provide you with support, encourage your progress, and ensure you’re staying on track.

“The DIY”  $165

Are you looking for the knowledge and tools to help you make sustainable, manageable changes to your diet in a healthy, supported way? This package consists of a 1-hour nutrition consultation, 1-30 minute follow-up session, and 1-30 minute menu coaching session to start you on the path toward maintaining your goals and empowering you to make lasting changes.

“The Game Changer” $150

This package is ideal for sports teams or groups of athletes. Gain some insight into how proper nutrition and hydration can fuel your teams’ performance whether you are training, in pre-competition, or planning for a weekend tournament. The package includes a 1.5 hour Sports Team Presentation that includes Tournament Menu Coaching. Please call 306.778.7770 to book.

** Extra services/special team requests available upon request – please inquire within”

*** Many insurance plans cover the cost of (in full or part) private registered dietitian services; please check with your provider because you may have coverage you didn’t know about!**

Book your registered dietitian appointments by calling 306.778.7770 or click here to conveniently book online today!



Join our STRIDE Nutrition Challenge for the month of November.

Interested in enhancing your physical performance as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym? Nutrition and performance depend on each other, so take a step toward a healthier you with us this November.

This 28-day, real food and healthy habit-forming challenge will help you meet your physical and/or performance goals. Learn what it takes to properly nourish yourself and create sustainable eating habits through this group oriented program. Our Registered Dietitian will provide you with daily nutrition goals, nutrient education support, and encourage personal accountability. This challenge encourages you to listen to your body and be mindful of the nutrients you are consuming to efficiently fuel your body, optimize your metabolism, increase energy, improve performance, and boost overall quality of life.


Open to anyone and everyone

When & Where:

November 1: Get Started Session at the STRIDE gym

Novemeber 2 – 29: Nutrition Challenge from the comfort of your own home

Novemeber 30: Wrap-up at the STRIDE gym


75$ per person

Register by emailing or calling 306.778.7770 before October 31!