Kellycurls #4

I can’t believe we are heading to the Olympic Games. It seems a little surreal; it’s something we have been preparing for and talking about for a very long time and the moment is finally here. Christmas was an enjoyable and restful time in Canada. Santa Claus came and went, as did the flu for Read more about Kellycurls #4[…]

From Meh to Yes!

The start of January brings on a busy gym season. This happens for a couple of reasons: 1) New Year’s resolutions are in full swing and people are still determined and 2) people are realizing that the summer body they are dreaming of needs to be ready in about 5 months. As much as we Read more about From Meh to Yes![…]

It’s Just Food

A New Year is here, and as always, that brings New Year’s resolutions. One of the most common resolutions I hear is one I’m just as guilty of making and then not keeping myself. Something along the lines of: “New year, New me!” or “Start exercising and dieting!” or “By summer, you wont recognize me!” Read more about It’s Just Food[…]

Kellycurls – August 2017

As I lay floating in the pool this week, soaking up the 32 degree heat and observing not a cloud in the sky, I felt an inner calm and appreciation for the Swift Current summers. It wasn’t too long before my thoughts were interrupted with a splash as my “almost” 3 year old, cannon balls Read more about Kellycurls – August 2017[…]

FAQs: Office Administrator Edition

The 5 Most Common Questions asked at the front desk of STRIDE Physio & Performance! As an office administrator, I get asked many questions daily. Without a doubt, these are the questions I am asked the most: “Do I need a doctor referral in order to make an appointment with a physical therapist?” No. At Read more about FAQs: Office Administrator Edition[…]

How a full depth squat (“ass to grass”) will help you live a better life.

Do you have lower back pain? Maybe some knee pain? Are your hamstrings too tight? Being able to perform a proper squat may help alleviate these problems. Watch your child bend over and pick something up. They don’t set a knee down and hold on to the side of the couch, all the while groaning Read more about How a full depth squat (“ass to grass”) will help you live a better life.[…]

Be scared…and then do it anyway

I’m typically a private person (we’re talking Harper Lee or Greta Garbo-style reclusiveness, actually) so the small circle of people that know me really well, will be fully shocked to read about how all sorts of real I’m about to get here…and probably even more shocked that I’m willing to put it out there on Read more about Be scared…and then do it anyway[…]

17 Random Thoughts for 2017

17 Random Thoughts for 2017 Try not to have goals or resolutions, have a plan instead. Your first workout is just your next workout and your first healthy meal is just your next meal. Don’t worry about 2 months down the line, just what is in front of you. For whatever endeavour you pursue, strength Read more about 17 Random Thoughts for 2017[…]


We’re excited to officially introduce Greg and welcome him to the STRIDE team! Greg is currently a CrossFit trainer apprentice with us and is set to be a full- fledged trainer after he completes his course work and exams next month. He brings with him years of lifting and CrossFit experience…but it wasn’t always the Read more about Greg[…]

Nutrition for Athletes

There are few things in life that seem to confuse people more than nutrition. How many calories should I be eating? How much protein do I need? Should my diet be high carb or high fat? Nutrition for athletes becomes even more complicated since what an athlete eats has a big effect on overall performance. Read more about Nutrition for Athletes[…]