Kellycurls #4

I can’t believe we are heading to the Olympic Games. It seems a little surreal; it’s something we have been preparing for and talking about for a very long time and the moment is finally here. Christmas was an enjoyable and restful time in Canada. Santa Claus came and went, as did the flu for Read more about Kellycurls #4[…]

Holiday Survival Tips from a Dietitian

The holidays. One of my favourite times of the year to get together with family and eat all the traditional, wonderful food. It brings back memories of Christmas baking, my grandmother’s raspberry marshmallow salad, tasting my grandpa’s newest batch of local fruit wine, and making food with my mother. It’s safe to say that food Read more about Holiday Survival Tips from a Dietitian[…]

Kellycurls #3

It’s been a little longer than I had initially planned for an update! Would it surprise you to know that once competition season started, I haven’t had much spare time to sit, reflect and report? Better late than never I say, and conveniently, I find time to write this as the ‘Roar of the Rings’ Read more about Kellycurls #3[…]

Refuel, Repair, Rehydrate

Whether you just completed a workout or you are coming off the track at an endurance event, recovery nutrition is an important step in your performance regime. After prolonged exercise, many events start to occur in your body. Your stress hormones are elevated, the muscle and liver glycogen is depleted, fuel and fluid levels are Read more about Refuel, Repair, Rehydrate[…]

Fuelling on the Run

If ya’ll remember back to the very first vlog I did on tips for long distance runners (feels like eons ago!), I had mentioned briefly about the importance of maintaining blood sugars and hydration during your event. The primary concern for marathon runners nutritionally while performing, is the intake of carbohydrates, fluids, and the electrolyte, Read more about Fuelling on the Run[…]

Carb Loading

Beer and Burgers or the Michael Scott Style? Is Michael Scott onto something with his ‘carbo loading’ fettucine? Or are beer and burgers a better choice? Which carb loading style can be beneficial for an endurance athlete and their overall performance? Let me answer all your questions, so that you can have a strategy like Read more about Carb Loading[…]

Kellycurls – August 2017

As I lay floating in the pool this week, soaking up the 32 degree heat and observing not a cloud in the sky, I felt an inner calm and appreciation for the Swift Current summers. It wasn’t too long before my thoughts were interrupted with a splash as my “almost” 3 year old, cannon balls Read more about Kellycurls – August 2017[…]

The Ketogenic Diet

Now, I don’t know about you, but only eating one large apple or one cup of rice as my daily carbohydrate intake would give me enough energy to last for two hours, so going ‘keto’ has never been a big draw for me. But setting my personal love for carbohydrates aside, the ketogenic diet has Read more about The Ketogenic Diet[…]

FAQs: Office Administrator Edition

The 5 Most Common Questions asked at the front desk of STRIDE Physio & Performance! As an office administrator, I get asked many questions daily. Without a doubt, these are the questions I am asked the most: “Do I need a doctor referral in order to make an appointment with a physical therapist?” No. At Read more about FAQs: Office Administrator Edition[…]

Quick Nutrition Tips for Long Distance Runners

Our friends down at Prairie Sky Running are gearing up for the second annual Beaver Flat 50 Ultra Trail Marathon in September. They are offering 50 km, 20 km, 10 km, and 5 km distance runs, so there is something for everyone! If you’re interested in taking part, head on over to their webpage at Read more about Quick Nutrition Tips for Long Distance Runners[…]