Kellycurls #4

I can’t believe we are heading to the Olympic Games. It seems a little surreal; it’s something we have been preparing for and talking about for a very long time and the moment is finally here. Christmas was an enjoyable and restful time in Canada. Santa Claus came and went, as did the flu for Read more about Kellycurls #4[…]

It’s Just Food

A New Year is here, and as always, that brings New Year’s resolutions. One of the most common resolutions I hear is one I’m just as guilty of making and then not keeping myself. Something along the lines of: “New year, New me!” or “Start exercising and dieting!” or “By summer, you wont recognize me!” Read more about It’s Just Food[…]

Kellycurls #3

It’s been a little longer than I had initially planned for an update! Would it surprise you to know that once competition season started, I haven’t had much spare time to sit, reflect and report? Better late than never I say, and conveniently, I find time to write this as the ‘Roar of the Rings’ Read more about Kellycurls #3[…]

Why Physiotherapy?

What made you decide that was the career path for you?  Now that I have officially begun my career as physiotherapist, I’ve been asked this question a lot by my patients and new friends I’ve met. Not to mention my friends, family, and acquaintances back home who also asked me this when they found out Read more about Why Physiotherapy?[…]

Inner Core

When you hear the words “core training” what do you think? Most would automatically say sit ups, planks, or some other variation of exercise designed to work our rectus abdominus or our “six pack” muscles. We hear it all the time — people want to “strengthen the core” or “flatten that stomach” and they automatically Read more about Inner Core[…]

Kellycurls – August 2017

As I lay floating in the pool this week, soaking up the 32 degree heat and observing not a cloud in the sky, I felt an inner calm and appreciation for the Swift Current summers. It wasn’t too long before my thoughts were interrupted with a splash as my “almost” 3 year old, cannon balls Read more about Kellycurls – August 2017[…]

FAQs: Office Administrator Edition

The 5 Most Common Questions asked at the front desk of STRIDE Physio & Performance! As an office administrator, I get asked many questions daily. Without a doubt, these are the questions I am asked the most: “Do I need a doctor referral in order to make an appointment with a physical therapist?” No. At Read more about FAQs: Office Administrator Edition[…]

How a full depth squat (“ass to grass”) will help you live a better life.

Do you have lower back pain? Maybe some knee pain? Are your hamstrings too tight? Being able to perform a proper squat may help alleviate these problems. Watch your child bend over and pick something up. They don’t set a knee down and hold on to the side of the couch, all the while groaning Read more about How a full depth squat (“ass to grass”) will help you live a better life.[…]


What is it?  A stroke is when blood flow to the brain is disrupted. This damages brain cells and the abilities they control are lost. This can include losing some or all movement! Symptoms (1) Muscle and joint weakness/stiffness Paralysis (unable to move) on one side of the body Changes in posture and balance Altered Read more about Stroke[…]

Navigating Abbreviations

We live in a world of abbreviations…LOL, TTYL, u, #, : ), DIY, and the list goes on!  It’s everywhere and if you’re a 14 year old girl – you know it all. If you’re 40-something, then you have to do your homework to keep up. How about physiotherapists? What are all those letters after Read more about Navigating Abbreviations[…]