April 20, 2017

The STRIDE-ers: A Nordic Walking Club

* * Our 2017 season has ended. Thank you to all participants who joined us. We’ll be back in May 2018 for our next season.  **


Join The STRIDE-ers: A Nordic Walking Club for the 2017 season! 

Urban Poling/Nordic Walking is like cross country skiing without the skis! It’s a total body workout that has a variety of health benefits.

Benefits of Urban Poling/Nordic Walking *:

  • Your core is activated each time you push off with your poles making it an excellent abdominal workout
  • It’s good for your joints! The poles let you offload weight to minimize jarring to your hips and knees
  • Research shows you can burn 46% more calories using poles than with standard walking
  • Your upper back gets stronger using poles making you better able to achieve and maintain good posture
  • It’s an activity that is safe for people of all ages and abilities since you can easily modify your pace to fit your needs in addition to being able to press the handles more or less to change the intensity of your workout
  • It’s fun!

Come and borrow poles from us, but if you want, we’d be happy to assist you in purchasing your own!

*Adapted from: https://urbanpoling.com

What kind of poles should you use?

1) Urban Poles for Fitness

These poles are for folks looking for a more intense workout over regular walking. They help burn more calories, strengthen the core, and take pressure off lower joints. They can be used for hiking, all season walking, and snowshoeing.

Choose from:

2) Activator Poles for Rehab

These poles are designed for balance and folks that need more pressure taken off the joints of the low back and legs. These poles are most suitable for those that have had hip and knee replacements, have chronic conditions that might affect balance or grip strength, and older adults

Read more about Activator Poles here: https://urbanpoling.com/post_type_products/activator/

The Details:

The 2017 Season:

May 16 – Sept 28


Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Mondays & Wednesdays 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Join us as little or as often as you like!


Meeting point: Parking lot at O’Rudy’s Creek House – Riverside Side Park and the fun happens on the paths along the Swift Current creek.

Fees for the 2017 Season:

Season Membership: $150

10 Pass Punch card: $99+tax

Drop In: $15 per session (exact change appreciated)


Borrow ours or purchase your own (see info above to find out which poles might be best for you)

What if it’s raining?:

Well, then we get wet! Sessions run rain or shine. We cancel for lightening.

Who can join?:

Anyone that wants to give it a go! We invite people of all ages and abilities to join us.

Does someone lead the group?:

Yes! Our trained exercise therapist, Hayley, leads every session.

How do I sign up/buy my membership?:

Call 306.778.7770 or email info@hityourstride.ca or stop by in-person during business hours to STRIDE Physio & Performance.

Hit your STRIDE with The STRIDE-ers today!