Trent grew up on a farm outside of Kinistino and is the youngest of 3 boys.

Trent convocated from the University of Saskatchewan with a BSc in Kinesiology and has gone on to receive a Certified Exercise Physiologist designation with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, the standard of excellence for Canadian health and fitness professionals. Trent is also Level 1 certified in Functional Movement Systems, a company with a mission to help move people better and then move often. In addition to this, Trent also regularly engages in a variety of professional development endeavors, with a particular highlight being a Dr. Stuart McGill workshop.


Over the years, Trent has worked as a personal trainer at a natural health clinic, as an Exercise Therapist at a private physiotherapy clinic treating WCB, SGI and private clients, and has owned his own personal training business. He has worked with clients of all ages and abilities for strength training, training for aesthetics, sports specific training, group training and bootcamps, mobility, and rehabilitation. He has a special interest in training hockey players.


Trent enjoys working out, golfing, hockey, fishing, camping, travelling, and reading. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys going to Rider games every year and has had the opportunity to see the Blue Jays play in Toronto. All that’s left, is for him to see a Leafs game and for them to win the Stanley Cup…which should happen very soon. Obviously 😉


Personally, Trent has always had a love for powerlifting and bodybuilding and more recently, has started to enjoy the Olympic Lifts. His favorite lift is the deadlift and is proud to have pulled 515lbs (that’s more than a fully grown male mountain gorilla!) Trent hopes to step on a stage or platform sometime in the future as it is on his bucket list to compete.


Trent lives with his wife in Swift Current and they are overjoyed to have welcomed a baby boy recently. So far, the little one isn’t allowing Daddy much sleep and is, of course, using 47 diapers per day…but they love him anyway 😉

Like every other team member, Trent humoured us by participating in our “Stride Interview.” Here’s what happened…

Q. If you could invite 3 people, living or dead, to a dinner party, who would they be?

A. George Clooney, Eddie Vedder, Tim Ferriss (we would play Catchphrase) 

Q. What is your most bizarre talent?

A. Giving clever answers to lists with 10 questions.

Q. Name 3 albums or books that really resonate with you?

A. “Vitalogy” –  Pearl Jam; “And Justice for All” – Metallica; “The Power of Now” –  Eckhart Tolle

Q. Everyone has a guilty pleasure. What’s yours?

A. I wouldn’t say that all of 98 Degrees songs were bad

Q. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

A. Switzerland

Q. Tell us one thing that very few people know about you.

A. Under the right conditions and just the right lighting, I am actually a pretty good dancer

Q. What inspires you?

A. Someone who helps others looking for nothing in return

Q. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be.

A. To turn green when I’m mad. Not muscular and strong, just green

Q. Describe yourself in 3 words.

A. Happy, empathetic, committed 

And finally, a This or That Lightning Round…

  • sky dive or bungee jump – Sky dive
  • chocolate or vanilla – Is this serious?? Chocolate of course. Who would pick vanilla?
  • cats or dogs – Again?? Is this even a question?? Cats
  • summer or winter – Summer
  • rain or snow – Rain
  • tea or coffee – Coffee
  • Batman or Superman – Batman (if it’s Adam West)
  • TV or movies – Movies
  • mullet or mutton chops – Mutton chops
  • sweet or sour – Sweet
  • early bird or night owl – Early bird
  • cake or pie – Cake
  • silver or gold – Gold
  • comedy or horror – Comedy

Trent is looking forward to making you lift heavy things and work up a sweat in October. We promise, he’s only allowed to play so many 98 Degrees songs a day 😉 Call/email/book online starting mid September to get in on the action. Whether it’s personal training or group classes you’re after, Trent’s got you covered.