Kellycurls #2

Safe Arrival It never seems to make a difference how long it has been since I was in my homeland – I find great comfort and familiarity in being here – like I have never been away. If I could bottle up Scottish air and Scottish water and bring them back to Canada, I definitely Read more about Kellycurls #2[…]

Refuel, Repair, Rehydrate

Whether you just completed a workout or you are coming off the track at an endurance event, recovery nutrition is an important step in your performance regime. After prolonged exercise, many events start to occur in your body. Your stress hormones are elevated, the muscle and liver glycogen is depleted, fuel and fluid levels are Read more about Refuel, Repair, Rehydrate[…]

Fuelling on the Run

If ya’ll remember back to the very first vlog I did on tips for long distance runners (feels like eons ago!), I had mentioned briefly about the importance of maintaining blood sugars and hydration during your event. The primary concern for marathon runners nutritionally while performing, is the intake of carbohydrates, fluids, and the electrolyte, Read more about Fuelling on the Run[…]