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"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live in." - Jim Rohn

About Stride

Let us help you hit your STRIDE!
World class health care in a friendly, locally owned and operated atmosphere

The Definition of stride (strīd): 1) a single coordinated movement: Here at STRIDE, we work closely with other healthcare professionals to make sure you are getting the best, most relevant care available. 2) significant progress: At Stride, we expect, as should you, to make gains with your treatment. The timeline in which these changes should take place will be discussed with you in detail. Although most problems don’t change overnight, you should be able to see improvements with specific markers and overall quality of life in a reasonable timeframe. 3) a step walking or running: Stride practitioners strongly encourage you to participate in your recovery. While you don’t need to be a top-level athlete, we do expect most people to participate in some degree of home-based exercise. This is often just a few short stretching or strengthening exercises that will make a big difference in your recovery. They will all be designed specifically for you, so no matter your age, fitness level, or degree of pain, you can start taking charge of your body. 4) to attain a maximum level of competence: Just like in anything, health and wellness providers have a wide range of skills and training. At STRIDE, our practitioners continually upgrade their training to ensure we are providing industry-leading and research-based services. This is something that sets us apart. Let us help you hit your STRIDE!

  • We are dedicated to ensuring the health needs of our clients are surpassed. When passing through our doors, every client is treated with the absolute best our professions and the varied skill sets our practitioners have to offer.

  • We strive to remain mindful of and reduce our environmental footprint any way we can, such as reducing paper in our daily operations and recycling as much as possible to minimize the burden shouldered by future generations.

  • Maintaining excellence as our standard of care is guaranteed and keeping up with skills supported by best evidence in the research literature is integral to our practice. Stride encourages and proudly invests in our therapists as they engage regularly in professional development endeavours.

  • We are of service daily to our community through our practice, but in addition to this, we understand the importance of and have a very strong desire to give back to the good people of this city through job creation, sponsorship of individuals and organizations, and various volunteer opportunities.

The Stride Team

Our energetic and highly skilled clinicians are second to none.

Jodi Williams, PT

BSc PT, BSc (Physiology), CAFCI, CF-L1
Founding Partner & Owner, Physical Therapist, Credentialed Manual Therapist, Pelvic Health Practitioner, Acupuncture Provider, Certified Concussion Manager, Ergonomic Consultant, Falls Prevention Educator, CrossFit Level One Trainer.

Laurel Schafer, PT

Founding Partner & Owner, Physical Therapist, Credentialed Manual Therapist, Pelvic Health Practitioner, Acupuncture Provider, Certified Concussion Manager, Ergonomic Consultant, CrossFit Level One Trainer.

Rae Thomson, PT

Physical Therapist, Credentialed Manual Therapist, Acupuncture Provider, Certified Concussion Manager, Ergonomic Consultant, Functional Movement Systems Trained, Sport First Responder, Gunn IMS Certified.

Halee Bridgeman, PT

BSc (Psych/Bio), MPT
Physical Therapist, Sports First Responder, Certified Concussion Manager, Parkinson’s Big Movement Instructor.

Trent Lasiuk, ET

BSc (Kinesiology), CEP, CF-L1
Exercise Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Systems Trained, CrossFit Level One Trainer.

Greg Dahl

CF-L1, CF Judges Cert, Weightlifting Cert.
CrossFit Level One Trainer, Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Olympic Lifting Coach

Paige Hayes, RD

BSA, BSc Nutrition, RD
Registered Dietitian

Brenda Wall

Office Administrator
Office Administrator & Reception (aka: STRIDE Mission Control)

"It's not sweat. It's liquid awesome." - overheard in the Stride gym


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